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Volcano Power Growth Factores – 30ml

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Volcano Power Growth Factors contains a complex set of nanoparticulate growth factors and cofactors. This set is biocompatible with the skin and enriched with delicately selected essential oils such as thyme, French lavender, peppermint and rosemary. This exceptional blend forms an intelligent controlled-release system which promotes follicular metabolism and accelerates hair growth. A stronger, thicker and more striking beard for the urban man.


Apply Volcano Power Growth Factors to facial skin after showering and/or before going to bed. Massage gently with your hands for better absorption of the product. Apply daily and for a longer period of time for a stronger, fuller and more striking beard. Ideal for night therapies. Do not rinse. Only remove it the next morning by washing your face and beard as normal.


Powerful formula that works on the principle of combined action. It diversifies routes of action, promotes vasodilation in the skin and improved nutrition for beard follicles. It contains the exclusive octapeptide-2, a bioidentical peptide with simultaneous actions to repair the follicle structure and stimulate the growth of new hair, combined with IGF (Insulin Growth Factor) and an extra load of B-complex vitamins. All this in a herbal base of powerful essential oils. A unique sensation of beard therapy and care for the modern man.

IGF nanofactor: insulin growth factor

Reverses follicular atrophy and increases the size of follicles (bulbs) in a few days. Accelerates the mitosis process, allowing hair performance to be accelerated and improved.

Octapeptide-2: growth cofactor

Bioidentical peptides with different fronts of action: stimulates hair growth, promotes an increase in the size of the hair bulb, controls excess oil, normalizes melanin production, aids the healing of facial skin and offers better biological conditions for beard growth.


A powerful vitamin B complex with panthenol, amino acids and amino acid precursors, combined with a calculated dose of caffeine, for follicle supplementation and balancing the biological activities of the hair system.


  • Certified by the ABT – Academia Brasileira de Tricologia (Brazilian Academy of Trichology).
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested.
  • Stimulates beard growth by strengthening and biomodulating the hair follicle.
  • With growth nanofactors.
  • With essential oils of thyme, French lavender, peppermint and rosemary.
  • Not tested on animals.