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Weight 0.240 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 cm

Micellar Water for Post-Beach and Pool Mix Oil Acqua Soft 200ml

$ 19.00


Acqua Soft is a combination of coconut water with a touch of French lavender essential oil. Carefully crafted, it provides freshness and comfort to sun-tanned skin and also after bathing. Rich in antioxidants, it also has an anti-ageing effect on hair that has been exposed to too much sun. Its formula improves skin with soothing properties that prevent redness, micro-inflammation and sensitivity caused by the harmful effects of the sun and heat.

Hydrolipid control of the hair. Shine and silkiness with antioxidant action. Acqua Soft Mix Oil Coconut & Argan is a body and hair care product, ideal for after the beach or pool. Refreshing coconut water with a touch of French lavender essential oil. The Mix Oil Coconut & Argan kit is rich in antioxidants as it contains coconut oil and argan oil. It acts to slow down the natural ageing of the hair, giving it an incredible shine, as well as the freshness of the coconut scent.


After showering, spray Acqua Soft on your body and hair, spreading it around with your hands to moisturize and refresh your skin and hair. Ideal for beach and pool time, it is excellent for soothing the skin and preserving sun-exposed hair.


  • Not tested on animals.
  • Refreshing coconut water for the body and hair, with a touch of French lavender essential oil.
  • Ideal for post-beach and post-pool.
  • With coconut and argan oils.